Bipartisan Congress:

George believes that the gridlock we face today in the House of Representatives is bad for all of us who rely on good government.  Too often members in the House vote for issues as instructed by party leaders rather than in the interests of their Congressional districts.  George believes in two important promises to you. First, he will always vote in the best interest of the people in New York's 25th district, never just as will be his boss!  Secondly, he will reach across the aisle to get things done with anyone that can help him serve the interests of the district, no matter what party they belong to.


Reforming the Police:

George Mitris does NOT support defunding the police. In today's day and age, it is essential to remember that the police are here to protect everyone. George will always make sure to stand up for the police, but also support procedures to more efficiently identify problem officers. George wants our police force to receive new training so that ALL Americans are ensured the same treatment under the law. George would much rather have a properly trained police force to help protect your family than some social worker who cannot fully protect you in extreme situations.

Black Lives Matter:

As a Greek immigrant, it is important to George that everyone knows where he stands on diversity issues and the Black Lives Matter movement. George is 110% behind the message that black lives matter. Nobody should have to feel like an outsider in their community just because of their skin color. Supporting this important idea is not the same as supporting a particular political organization that has its own platform. George plans to collaborate with black community leaders to ensure the community is united. Then we must invest in our communities of color to provide safe environments to all members, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to achieve whatever they want in life. When George gets to Congress, he will make sure to work closely with the city and police departments to make continued improvements for the betterment of our communities. 

Second Amendment:

George Mitris has always been a firm Second Amendment supporter. As an NRA member and a Republican, he understands the importance of the amendment. George believes the founders also understood the importance of it. You have the Second Amendment to back up the First! While George will always fight for your constitutional right to bear arms, he also believes in sensible legislation. For example, reform of the back round check system, and improved mental health checks. These policies will help keep everyone safe, but also not strip away any American’s rights!


Bringing  Jobs Back to Upstate New York:

George Mitris believes that we have all the resources here to help bring jobs back to Upstate. Monroe County has world-class universities, technical schools, and a huge talent pool. We must make sure Rochester and Monroe County have a business-friendly environment. Businesses cannot survive here because of high taxes, high crime rates, and anti-business regulations. George believes it’s time we STOP driving our businesses away. By reversing these horrible anti-business practices, we can start helping people get back to work. 


As an immigrant, George understands the need for legal immigration to our country. But at the same time, George believes that it is time we start to reform our immigration system to make it fair and efficient. Illegal immigration is a big issue for George, and he wants good people to be able to come to this country, but legally. At the same time, we need a fast track to citizenship for the millions of people already here. George will work across the aisle to make sure we reform our immigration system, so it is fair for everyone. But George will also make sure we keep our border secure so every American can feel safe.


School Choice:

When it comes to School Choice, George fully supports this policy. He wants to make sure all schools are held accountable for the quality of education our children receive. George believes that it is a parent's choice to decide where their child goes to school. It should not be the federal government's job to decide. We must make sure every student's individual needs are met. As Americans, we must take back our children's futures by allowing them to attend a school where they can be the most successful.  


Vision for the City of Rochester:

When George arrived in this country back in 1968 there wasn't a corner in Rochester where you didn't see a world-famous business. We had a thriving economy, top schools, and one of the safest communities. We even had a subway and a professional basketball team! George plans to work with stakeholders, the city and county government, as well as federal agencies to start bringing us back to what we once had.