George immigrated to the United States from Greece at the age of eight. George’s parents lived through World War II as children, with no parents at home, amidst daily life-threatening violence, always wondering whether they would survive the day. George himself saw the horrible effects of the Greek Civil War, which drove away most of his family, friends, neighbors, and countrymen. It left his homeland ravaged. But the Mitris family’s resolve, optimism, and commitment to faith landed them in Rochester, NY where they would begin life anew in their new home.

George grew up with the values that made this country great. Gratitude for the opportunity to work hard and take personal responsibility and accountability for one's actions. With his parents as a model, George always worked while he attended school, from the time he was fifteen years old through his school years, including law school where he worked full time while studying.

George’s commitment to whatever he undertakes earned him not only two law degrees, but also the managing attorney of the Rochester office of his old law firm at the age of 29, but at the age of 30, he opened his own law firm where he’s been helping people in the community ever since. His devotion to his clients has earned him recognition in Top 100 magazine of Attorneys.

While George is an immigrant, Rochester and Monroe County have been his home since he was eight years old. He has lived in the city, attended school 33, and later attended Irondequoit where he graduated from Eastridge Highschool.  Now, George lives in Brighton with his three children, Nick, Winston, and Schyler. With his wife of 27 years Slagana Avramoska Mitris, who herself is an immigrant from the former Yugoslavia and has a similar story. They both care so deeply about many community causes. While humble and unassuming, the Mitris family is all about giving back to the community they love so much.

It’s that love and devotion that has made George decide to run for The House of Representatives; he wants to protect the American Dream for all of us. He knows that this dream is not attainable for every American with the way Congress is working at this time. He vows to work with anyone of any party so we can see meaningful results for the 25th Congressional district. George plans to roll up his sleeves and get to work for YOU. To make our community safe once again, bring jobs back to our area, and finally, educate our children so they can be successful. George Mitris wants everyone to have what he has been given; a chance to live the American Dream!